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Welcome to Chix and Mortar

Chix&Mortar helps women to understand, manage and decorate their own homes through training courses, online information and advice.

DIY training courses are held around the UK to help you fix the things that go wrong and to have confidence applying your own creative and decorating talents. All courses are written and certificated by the National Construction Academy.

Trainers and venues are individually trained and selected to guarantee a pleasant, non-pressurised environment with car-parking, laptops, fine teas and coffees and healthy snacks provided throughout the day.

Bring your friends for the perfect and most useful girls’ weekend.

Over a whole weekend you will be shown the basic steps to complete a variety of common DIY tasks (click on above links for details of what you'll learn within each discipline).  You'll learn the basics in tiling, maintenance, decorating, laying laminate flooring, plumbing and the correct use of tools....and by the end of  the weekend you will go away with improved knowledge and skills which you can apply to tasks in your own home. 

Soon we will be launching our Chix&Mortar online trade floor where you will be able to buy the appropriate tools and materials for your house at discounted rates. Watch this space.

Diy training courses for women
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