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Frequently asked questions

What exactly do I learn?

The course is about one-third instructional and two-thirds practical. You will practice tiling walls, preparing walls, painting, lining, wallpapering and working around windows/doors.  You will also learn some simple DIY maintenance and plumbing skills, tricks of the trade as well as using drills, hanging pictures, curtain rails etc. So in summary you will learn some very useful skills and tips on how to diagnose typical problems you will encounter and how to make your house look better.  All of this should save you money and build your confidence to address house maintenance and decorating needs.

Do I need to bring anything?

No just yourself. We provide overalls, notes, lunches and builders' tea on tap all day.

What should I wear?

Old clothes please as you may be splashed with paint and glue and grout etc. We supply a lab coat style overall.

Is there car parking available?

We usually choose venues with plentiful car parking available.  However you may want to e-mail us to check.

Will I receive course notes?


Do you sell any of the tools/materials your recommend?

Yes we will be supplying a starter kit from January along with overalls and T-shirts. We will also supply recommended materials online in the near future.

How do I secure a place?

By emailing or posting a Booking form to us accompanied by a cheque or online Paypal payment.

Can I cancel once I have booked?

Yes as long as it is at least one week before the event.  In the event that you advise us less than a week before then we will attempt to resell the ticket but if we cannot we are unable to provide a refund.  You can however transfer the booking to another person if advised at the time of cancellation.

How will I know when you run a course local to me?

Courses are run in regions on demand. We will run a course anywhere if we have a minimum number of serious enquiries from people in that region so do send us an enquiry and encourage friends to do so if interested. We build up the list and then advise you when we are ready to run a course nearby.

Can you help me find a hotel nearby?


Will you run a private or corporate event for us?

Yes we will come to you if you have a group of people who would like to do the course (eg. corporate team-builds, hen weekends etc). We will adapt the course to your needs ie. we could just teach one or two skills in a few hours or run a one, two or half day course.

How many people attend each course?

On average there will be  between 15 and 25 people there.

Will you run follow-up courses teaching more in-depth skills in certain areas?

Yes this is planned in the future.

Do I need to bring food or drinks?

We provide coffee, tea, biscuits, juice and water during breaks and a sandwich and fruit during the lunch hour.

Who teaches the courses?

We have a team of tradesmen who run the courses with their qualified assistants.   

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